Remote Asset Management Program

The Human Machine Interface (HMiQ) is the principal means by which an operator communicates with the machine. The operator interface typically consists of an Allen-Bradley® PanelView™ operator terminal with the necessary screens and programming to communicate with the machine, PLC and customer network or internet connection for information exchange.

HMiQ, provides your operation with asset management services designed to maximize the return on your equipment. We can provide you with the support needed to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency by leveraging hardware, software and communication technologies.

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Remote Equipment Monitoring 1
Remote Equipment Monitoring 1
Remote Equipment Monitoring 2
Remote Equipment Monitoring 2

Advantages and Benefits

  • Convenient user-friendly screens for adjustment of machine parameters
  • Visual display of the machine functions for troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • On-screen alarm messages with time and date stamp
  • Message history for tracking frequently occurring alarms
  • Production data including shift production, run time and down time information
  • Customer network connectivity to exchange scheduling and recipe data
  • Machine specific on-line manual that’s part of the operator interface
  • Assembly drawings and parts lists displayed for the specific machine
  • Ability to order parts directly from the operator interface through built-in email
  • Videos for commonly performed tasks included within the interface
  • Ability to send emails and text messages to specified recipients for specifically triggered events
  • Remote machine access for service and engineering technicians allows them to perform diagnostics, troubleshooting and upgrades from a remote location
  • Wireless connectivity without compromising customer network security
  • Immediate access for a service technician results in significantly lower downtime costs due to machine malfunction

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