Platinum Support

If you will use at least 250 hours of service labor this year:

Simplify your service purchases and ensure priority access to our expert technicians through our Platinum Support program, which allows you to pre-purchase field service labor in discounted blocks. Platium Support is a cost effective, value added option.

  • Guaranteed response times.
  • Replace your quote, requisition or PO process with a single purchase order.
  • Hours can be used for startup, repair, or maintenance.
  • Enjoy priority service for emergencies.
  • Receive a monthly report of your hours balance.
  • Streamline your process and ours, and save up to 35%.

How Platinum Support Works:

  • Purchase a pre-paid block of 250 service hours or more.
  • Payments are spread evenly across the duration of the contract.
  • Account balance is debited with each service visit - travel & living are billed at cost.
  • Unused hours are carried over monthly.
  • Accounts are brought current on a quarterly basis if usage outpaces payments by 15%.
  • Standard labor is defined as hours 1-10 Monday - Friday. 
  • Stock balance is debited with each service visit.
  • Unused labor hours will not be refunded at the end of a 12 month term, remaining balance is available for 30 days.
  • Holiday/Sunday time is billed at 2X discounted rate.
  • Saturday billed at 1.5X discounted rate.

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Platinum Support 2
Platinum Support 2
Platinum Support 3
Platinum Support 3