Centerlining Program

Centerlining is the science of optimizing the efficiency of the production process by improving changeover times, ramp-up rates, and repeatability across products, operators, and shifts. It reduces operating variability by clearly marking specific set points that can be adjusted on machine parts. The purpose is to eliminate the infinite and often detrimental “tweaking” of machinery by operators running a line.

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Centerlining 1
Centerlining 1
Centerlining 2
Centerlining 2

Centerlining helps speed changeovers (which are tool-less) by taking the guesswork out of machine setup. Machines designed with centerlining in mind offer the flexibility of handling different packages and package sizes in the future. Today’s products have a much shorter lifecycle than their predecessors, so packagers benefit from redeploying their existing equipment to handle similar but different types of packaging.

SupportPro’s experts can:

  • Analyze your production data, and find opportunities for improvement
  • Propose mechanical, controls, and procedural changes, and predict the resulting improvements
  • Implement your chosen improvements, which may include:
    • Documentation of optimal set points and “recipes” for each product, supporting changeovers with color-coded parts, scales, and instructions
    • Addressing operator skills, tendencies, and standard operating procedures
    • Optimization of machine controls
    • Tuning key process-related components, e.g. PLCs, drives, stepper motors
  • Deliver results via:
    • Faster recovery from planned and unplanned downtime
    • Less material waste from product quality issues
    • Optimization of changeover processes and at run speeds
    • Greater throughput via more runtime, faster speeds, and quality products
    • Maximum overall equipment utilization

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